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Strategic plan



External Relations

  • Serve as a voice for dentistry in general and OMR in particular
  • Strengthen ties with key state, federal, national, and international agencies and organizations
  • Assist members with state legislative and regulatory issues, especially with documentation to support specialty recognition

 Economics & Health Policy

  • Help OMR adapt to a competitive and changing health care environment
  • Support efforts to improve third-party recognition and reimbursement of services
  • Influence healthcare policy
  • Address workforce issues for radiologists and technologists


  • Be proactive in establishing appropriate selection criteria, radiation safety, and diagnostic image quality
  • Evaluate new technologies and their applications
  • Develop standards and guidelines for quality practice and express these through publication of position papers
  • Facilitate continuing professional development for maintenance of specialty certification
  • Promote safety and high standards for practice
  • Develop standards and guidelines for practice
  • Support accreditation efforts for OMR
  • Promote studies to measure the impact of standards on the quality of patient care


  • Continually re-evaluate categories of membership in the AAOMR
  • Develop and implement an effective plan to retain and recruit members
  • Encourage the participation of OMR residents and junior members in the AAOMR organizational structure and activities
  • Refine products and services to enhance membership


  • Enhance the website of the AAOMR to facilitate effective communication
  • Sustain and enhance the official Scientific Publication of the AAOMR
  • Sustain and enhance the Newsletter
  • develop leadership in electronic interactions, including the Web, teleconferencing, and image transfer


  • Be a leader in life–long-learning activities for the membership and the dental professions. Tailor educational activities to meet the needs of members, dentists, and allied health professionals
  • Promote the AAOMR Speakers’ Bureau
  • Become a leader in web-based learning
  • Promote entry-level education of dental professionals in imaging technologies for diagnosis and treatment guidance.
Research and Technology
  • Recognize that research is the basis for future practice and reward research excellence. Promote awareness and recognition of the importance of research
  • Monitor and assess new technologies for incorporation into OMR
  • Collaborate with other groups in a strategic approach to new technologies
  • Participate in standards development to facilitate electronic transfer of information and images


  • Keep the AAOMR financially sound. Ensure fiscal responsibility by prioritizing all expenditures in accordance with this plan and within the AAOMR’s resources
  • Reduce reliance on member dues by developing alternate revenue sources
  • Foster relationships with corporate entities with the aim of strengthening OMR
  • Promote corporate participation in the AAOMR

 Organizational Structure

  • Continually reassess the AAOMR’s organizational structure to ensure sufficient and effective operations
  • Continually reassess organization structure to ensure efficient operations
  • Manage the organization based on tenets of strategic planning